Polytia armos Architects


Polytia Armos is looking for a Junior Architect to join its growing team in Nicosia.

Polytia Armos is an award winning studio that excels both in architecture and urbanism. Founded in 1977 by architect Nikos Mesaritis, it has a well known reputation for integrating architecture with planning and engineering as well as other allied disciplines giving to every client sustainable and high level of quality design. Polytia provides multi-disciplinary services from concept to completion, that shape the spaces and the communities that we live in.

We are seeking an intern to work with us on a full-time basis for one year. The candidate will be working closely with the senior architects and other members of the design team to assist in all aspects of the design and supervision process from start to finish. The placement will be subsidized by ETEK so applicants should visit the following link to check if they are elligible.

Applicants must have strong experience with AutoCAD being able to produce high quality and accurate drawings. Photoshop and Rhino/Max skills are also welcomed. As there are always multiple projects on at the same time involving several team members, good organisational and communication skills will be needed.

Candidates can send a short CV and their portofolio at info@polytia.com